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Product Range

Instruments for Processing & Dyes Testing
Infra Colour Dyeing Machine
Rota Beaker Dyeing Machine
Rota Beaker Dyeing Machine Glycerin Bath Beaker Dyeing Machine (H.T.H.P Beaker Dyeing Machine)
Launder-O-Meter Washing Fastness Tester MBTL Light Fastness Tester (Texlab make) Xnone Light Fastness (American & China)
Sublimation Fastness Tester Digital Crock Meter (Rubbing Fastness Tester) Motor Operated
Spectrophoto Meter - Japan Make & Indian Make Auto-dispensing System (Computerized Colour Kitchens)
Color Matching Cabinet Leather Colour Matching Machine
Hot Air Oven Pneumatic Padding Mangle Motor Operated
Laboratory Steamer with Super Heater Perspiro Meter
Water Bath Machine with Dye Pot Lab Stirrer / Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
GSM Round Cutter, GSM Cutter without Blade & Pad Digital Balabce Min. Cap 100 gram 0.0001,0.001 & 0.01mg. Accuracy
GSM Scale Shrinkage Scale
Grey Scale AAICC & ISO Borosil Glass Ware / Lab.Testing Chemicals; all Ranges of Reactive Dyes, Direct Dyes
Vacuum Pump All types of Consumables and Spares supplied for the textile laboratory requirements; GSM Cutting
Instruments for Cotton Testing
Wrap Block 1 yard & 1/2 yard Circum Atira Fiber Bundle Stength Tester
Bear Sorter (Cotton Sorter) Draw Box
Nap Counting Templates Digital Moisture Meter
Instruments for Yarn Testing
Electronic Twist Tester Automatic Wrap Reel
Yarn Appearance Board Winder Lea Strength Tester
Snarl Indicator Shore Hardness Tester
Yarn Tension Meter Non Contact Tachometer
Yarn Durometer Battery operated Pick Glass
Electronic Tensile Strength Tester Tearing Strength Tester
Pilling Tester Abrasion Tester
Bursting Strength Tester Thickness Gauge
Stiffness Tester Crease Recovery Tester

Our Quality
Texlab Industries is one of the India's leading companies with ISO 9001:2000 certification in manufacturing of laboratory testing Instruments for textiles, dyes and chemical industries. We have an in-house testing and calibrated department to ensure that the dispatched instrument is calibrated to national and international standards.

All products including sublimation fastness tester, glycerin bath with easy lock system, yarn tension meter, electronic twist tester, bursting tester, etc. are supplied with calibrating certification. We are committed to customer services with ability to provide quick response ad totally dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in customer satisfaction.

Our Infrastructure
As a globally noticeable brand, Texlab Industries has state of the art manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest in cutting edge technology. We offer our manufacturing and technical expertise in the area of:

  • Cotton, yarn and cloth testing instruments for textile laboratories
  • Processing and dyes testing instruments for textile laboratories.

Additionally, Texlab offers the latest manufacturing skills and advance manufacturing technologies to improve quality, delivery, competitive pricing and improved technologies that had not been introduced in industry, so far. We have worked long and hard to establish reputation for quality of our sublimation fastness tester, glycerin bath with easy lock system, yarn tension meter, electronic twist tester, bursting tester, etc. We are proud to have achieved large client base including most of the industrial leaders in textile manufacturing.

ISO 9001:2000
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